Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


Sept. 20, 2015

Hey everyone!
Thanks for the email.. sorry this will be super short, I don't have a ton of time. We are busy today..
But we had a way good week. 4 investigators came to church on Sunday and we found 4 investigators as well this week. so we are receiving a lot of blessings.
Thanks for everything!
Love you guys!
Love, Elder Beilman

Sept. 13, 2015

Hey Everyone!
We had a great week this week! We now have a baptismal date for our investigator, Peni. He is great, he loves it when we come over. We struggled a bit to find the investigators that the Elders before were teaching. We tried calling them, and going to their houses-but we either couldn't find them or we couldn't sit down with them. So we've been trying to find new people to teach and we've had a lot of opportunities given to us. We found these 2 former investigators and just did a how to begin teaching/intro lesson with them on Wednesday, the wife then asked at the end of the lesson what to wear to church and what time it starts. Then Elder Foaeva felt that we should go back to the house on Saturday to drop off a Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet for her to read(because she wants to learn more about Jesus Christ and Baptism). They weren't home so we wrote a note telling them that we stopped by and we invited them again to church. Then on Sunday-they both came! That was such a big miracle! The wife was reading the L3 pamphlet that we dropped off on Saturday during sacrament meeting too. It was really rewarding to see them! We also had a couple of Less Active members come to church as well.
Oh, and Darrin-Since the stake presidency has changed in the stake and now that you're the bishop, I think I was supposed to let my mission president know about it. So would you be able to email me the email that you would have my mission president use, as well as the Stake Presidents. Thank you!
Vinaka vakalevu nomudou loloma.
Au lomani kemudou yaduadua,
Loloma, Elder Beilman