Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


January 24, 2016

Hey Everyone!
I'm not going to write much about this week. It was really good. Amazing week. But I don't want to start crying in the internet cafe, because I know if I start writing my thoughts, I will probably start balling my eyes out.
I'll see yous all on Saturday!
Love you!
Elda Beilman


Mission Homecoming Invite

Jan. 17, 2016

Hey, sorry this will be super short!
My dad needs the VIN # on my car to get the insurance updated, so would yous be able to get that and send it to him in an email?
His email is reball@aol.com 
My dads wife, Kim, is planning on flying my dad out to Arizona to visit my grandparents there. But my dad doesn't know about it yet, and she wants me to drive down there on the 12th of February.
Thanks for everything!
Love you guys!
Elda Beilman

January 10, 2016

 Hey everyone!
I'm probably not going to write much, I've been trying not to think about home and keep focusing on the work, but its hard with all the other missionaries always talking about it. We had a good week! We had our Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday, and it was a great meeting. Our missionaries really worked hard on member present lessons and because of that, they had more investigators at church! So I'm really happy with our zone right now. We had to say goodbye to one of our missionaries on Friday morning as he had to get reassigned to a different mission due to health reasons. We had to pay for his luggage out of pocket, so I had to pull out some personal money, but I got reimbursed for it.
Loloma Levu,
Elda Beilman