Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


July 19, 2015

We had a good week this week. We haven't had much people to teach recently, so we've been trying to find more and more people. On Friday, we were driving back from this area towards the interior- Nadrala. To get there, we have to pass through this village, Naroro, and on our way back, from Nadrala, I had the feeling that we needed to stop at Naroro and talk to someone. So we are driving down the mountain and that is all I could think about. When we get to the village, I look at my companion and tell him "one day, we are going to OYM here". To which he replied "okay". We kept driving down and it hit me again "turn around and OYM there". So I look at my companion again and tell him lets OYM today. We turned around and parked the truck and started to walk. We walked toward a house where there was about 4 men sitting outside on their porch talking and one approached us. So we started talking to him and he took us inside his house. We then shared about us missionaries and just got to know them a bit. We left a restoration pamphlet at their house and set up a return appointment. Only 1 problem- I'm not sure if we will have the truck at that time... Because we are supposed to take it in for repairs today and I don't  know how long it will take to fix. We didn't find out that we were going to take the truck in until after we told them we were going to come back next Friday.. So it will be interesting to see how this week goes.
Other than that, it should be fun!
Love you guys!
Elder Beilman

July 12, 2015~ Baptisms!

Hey everyone!
We had a good week! 2 Baptisms! Tuni and Tevita, they are both 10 years old and they are doing great! We had the baptism at a river that leads into the ocean. It was really good. Tuni's little sister Amelia(8 years old) was baptized as well. Everything was just easier to have them all done at the same time. The father of Tuni and Amelia performed the baptisms for all 3 of them. Which was really great, I would much rather have the father of them perform the baptism than one of us.
I've heard a bit about the Supreme Courts decision. That is really unfortunate considering that the United States began because of religious reasons-then to have the supreme court to go against that. The world truly is getting further and further away from God. As long as we are doing what we are supposed to do and continue pressing forward, we can avoid the world. Like the Savior's teaching to be "in the world, but not of the world".
Hope all is well!
Loloma Levu,
Elder Beilman


July 5, 2015

Hey Everyone!
Thanks for the email!
We had a crazy week. First, we had zone p day, so we weren't in our area Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday was our Zone Training Meeting. Also got a call from President telling us that Brother Vuli(the ward missionary I was working with) is getting transferred to Tavua(My last area). We were both pretty sad, I really loved working with him, we had a lot of fun together. And we worked way hard. Then on Thursday, we were driving to an appointment and we got into a accident with a horse... Yeah, a horse. We were going about 35km/h(20ish mph) and a guy was chasing a horse to go back to his land. Well, the horse was getting wild and started running. and it was running at an angle that I wasn't able to see her.

___________    l
Driveway           l
 horse     ^ ** lu l
    ->    ^    ** ls l     
        ^          l   l
      ^            l   l
The asterisks(*) are bushes
This is kind of what it was like. The horse came from a field on the left running almost parallel with us until it came to the driveway  then tried to cross the road. So there wasn't much I could do. I slowed down as much as I could, but it hit the left headlight and quarter panel. put some good dents in the truck. We were both okay, just the truck took a beating, about $2500 worth.
Then on Friday, we had to go to Nadi to get my new companion(Elder van der Linden, from Australia) and then had to wait about an hour and a half to get a quote for the truck.
But we are planning on having a couple of baptisms on Sunday this week! Looking forward to that! Still doing well!
Thanks for everything!
Loloma Levu
Elder Beilman

June 28, 2015

Hello everyone!
Its crazy to think that Curtis is starting his mission. I hope he enjoys missouri. do you know what his email is? I'll have to write him soon. I'm curious as to where his first area will be.
But things here are good, we are looking forward to about 3 baptisms soon. Just getting the interviews and everything done for it. The father wants to baptize the kid we are teaching, but he has been gone for training for the military for a couple of weeks. so he needs to get his interview first, then we will have the baptism.
Our other investigator, Cama, is doing way good! We talked about the Book of Mormon in our lesson on Thursday. We asked him what his thoughts were about the Book of Mormon and he smiled for a second and said he was scared. So we sat there for a minute and after about a minute of silence he looked up again, smiled and said "its true". That was one of the happiest moments on my mission. He has such a strong desire to do what is right and wants to learn. He is the man! He currently lives with his grandparents, and they are pretty strong methodist. So they aren't too happy about him coming to church. His grandfather was in the hospital last week, and Cama had asked if we could give him a blessing. So we went up there and gave him a blessing and now he is doing well, so that is really good. Hopefully it softened his heart a little bit.  I'm so grateful for the priesthood and the power that comes with it. Heavenly Father truly has given us much.
Thank you for everything!
Love you all!
Love, Elder Beilman