Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


August 30, 2015

Hey everyone!
This week was better, we are still recovering from being sick. But doing a lot better.
The baptismal date we had for our investigator Kelera has been changed. She went back to the village for a while and we don't know what day she will be coming back. So that kind of sucks, but we just keep praying for her. We haven't been able to sit down with much of our investigators lately because just about every time we schedule an appointment with them, something comes up. So we struggled again to teach, but we tried really hard and that is all that matters.

Here is a picture of me with my new companion, Elder Foaeva. He is from an island called Niue which is in-between Tonga and Samoa. We aren't in the same zone as the temple, but we are really close. We had our zone conference at the mission home, then we went took this picture. As you can see they are still working on the temple. All the crate things are full of things for it.
Well Love you all,
Loloma levu,
Elder Beilman


August 23, 2015

Hey Everyone!
I don't know if I've sent this picture to you yet or not. But this was about 3 months ago. Sorry for it being kind of old. But the computer isn't reading the pictures that I've recently taken.
I'm all good here, my shoes have been taken a beating, the strap on my left sandal has been cut off. A dog in my first area bit it and it was really really lose, so I ended up cutting it off about a month ago.
But this last week was pretty good. I went on exchanges with one of our Zone Leaders- Elder Maliwauki. He is the man. Helped me know what my responsibilities are as a District Leader. But we have an investigator with a baptismal date for next month, her name is Kelera. She is doing good, plan on seeing her today. But on Thursday night, during the exchanges, I got kind of sick. I was running a fever, but I'm all good now. My companion still isn't 100% yet. But he is improving slowly.
Thanks for everything.
Loloma levu
Elder Beilman


August 16, 2015

Hey everyone,
Sorry about last week, I thought I emailed you. I guess not.
Busy week aye?
This past week was a little crazy. I got transferred to Suva 2nd ward. I'm not training again, and became district leader. things are good though, our Ward mission Leader is the man! he has helped us out so much! He has been showing us to the members and everything. My new companion is Elder Foaeva, he is the man too! We actually had a baptism on Saturday, our second day in the area, so things should go forward pretty fast. The ward is really strong too. But I don't have much more time left, sorry.
Loloma Levu,
Elda Beilman

Aug. 2, 2015

Hey everyone!
Life here in Fiji is just fantastic!
So tomorrow is our Zone Training Meeting in Lautoka(about an hour and a half from our area) and we usually come up to Nadi(30 minutes from Lautoka) and email here on Mondays so we can have P Day with the whole zone. And I was planning on seeing my last companion, Brother Vuli at our P Day. But we were leaving Sigatoka and stopped at The Hot Bread Kitchen(popular bread shop) to get some breakfast before we left this morning, and who do I see? Brother Vuli! He was taking the bus, but the busses always stop in Sigatoka for about 10 minutes. He was going to Suva to get his Mission stuff all figured out. He received his mission call and is going to serve in the Papua New Guinea Mission beginning in November. I was so happy to see him again. He was definitely one of my favorite companions.
We've been visiting a less active a lot lately, Ricardo, he is 15 and was baptized in New Zealand with his mom a couple of years ago. But he is now living with his sister and uncle here in Sigatoka. His sister, Cathy, is Catholic and we share with her every now and then but she wasn't really interested. But she just randomly showed up to church with Ricardo on Sunday. That was pretty cool. So we plan on visiting them again this week.
Our District Leader had committed us to pass out a Book of Mormon every day last week so we tried a lot of that to find some new investigators. Praying that someone will be willing to take the lessons from that.
Well, Love you guys!
Elder Beilman

July 26, 2015

Hey everyone,
Things were good this week. Our 2 baptisms that we had 2 weeks ago were confirmed this week. That was good. We went to the house that we went to last friday, but they were busy. So we plan on going back this friday. But we were supposed to get the truck fixed last week, but the people at the dealership didn't get it done. They are taking forever. So the truck still needs repaired, but we are waiting for the go from our leaders, and the dealership. We are struggling a bit to find new investigators, but our Zone Leaders came today and gave us some tips on what we could do to help strengthen our members and gave us some ideas on finding more people.
But I haven't heard about the My Plan thing. Sounds like a good idea though. One of my worst fears is going less active. After learning so much, then to go home and change back to my old self is not what I want. So having something to help a return missionary would be way good. I think that would be really good for Fiji. Unfortunately I've met many Return missionaries here that are now less active or inactive. Its really sad. But we are doing all we can to help them come back.
Love you guys!
Love, Elder Beilman