Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


April 13, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sounds like you will be busy! Yes that is the correct address. You can just mail the packages to the GPO box #215 if you want, I guess it doesn't matter. My companion got his packages sent there.
So I guess we were supposed to watch General Conference this weekend, but our Branch President is going back to his old ways.  Our 2nd counselor is less active again (my companion and the Elder before me reactivated him) because our Branch President doesn't listen to him at all and he is fed up with our president. We didn't even have church yesterday because President Ratu was at work.. and he didn't tell anybody.  Our 1st counselor is in a different village looking over a unit that is there in Nakorokula which is about 30 minutes away(by bus). So we usually go there on Sunday's as well to pass the sacrament, but the bus ran late and we were unable to do sacrament because all the men that were in the unit had to leave to go to a different village that some of them live in and help out with the 2 deaths that happened on Saturday. But I guess most missionaries watched General Conference this weekend. Our president was supposed to get it so everybody can watch it, but that didn't happen. We talked to him on Saturday night because we had a lesson with these 2 investigators that wanted to meet him so we told our president after the lesson they want to meet him so we were going to try to set up a lesson that he could come with us and teach them. But while we were there, he didn't tell us he would be working in the morning on Sunday. So its really frustrating here in RakiRaki.  I don't want to tell our investigators to come to church if we aren't going to have church. We had a lot well, most people who showed up on Sunday are less active members some walked way way far!! And we had to tell them we can't have church. It sucks! I feel bad for them.  They don't deserve to have this bad experience at church.  Almost all the recent converts in the area are less active. I don't want to baptize someone and have them go less active because we don't have a good president. There are no callings in the branch at all. Only the Branch Presidency. Its really frustrating. But we'll see, it can only get better from here right? haha.  I've been told "if I can survive RakiRaki, I can survive my mission." haha- coming from missionaries and our 2nd counselor who is less active.

Well, I hope things are going well!
Love, Elder Beilman

Oh and yes, I'm adjusting to the food. This is what I had for lunch with some members on Sunday. It was pretty good. There is some gray potato like food called Dalo that is really bland and starchy that I hated at first, but I'm getting used to it. It's not in the picture though.

My companion(Elder Leota) and I.