Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


April 6, 2014

This is some new missionaries and their trainers. We had a training on Tuesday last week. 

Hey everyone!

Thank you all for the e-mail! Before I forget!! Julie, if you send a package, don't send meat including Beef Jerky, I guess customs confiscates it and they have been having problems with that. I don't know why so many people want to send meat through the mail, but okay. I guess they don't have much beef here though.
I haven't been able to watch General Conference yet. I heard we have to wait a couple weeks to get the DVD's then we can watch it.
We have like 15 or 16 investigators right now. They are all pretty great. My companion set a goal of 15 baptisms before he leaves this area, so we are shooting for that.  He has had a total of 3 so far. Hopefully we can hit that number. Before I got here, there was a general authority that challenged the mission to find the best month they had for baptisms and double it. March was the month that they were going to try to double it. The most in one month was 50 so we had to hit 100.  We had 78 the 3rd week and had to get 22 to hit the 100.  I guess we got 42! So we ended up getting 122 baptisms in the Month of March!! Crazy.
My Mission president leaves at the end of June and we are going to try to get 120 that month. So it will be a good challenge.  I think we will do really well in our area these next coming months though so that's good.  We have 2 investigators with baptismal dates around May, and one hopefully in the next 2 weeks!  I'm really excited for them.  One of them is Shiyal, she is an Indian woman and really really wants to be baptized! The only problem is her husband's mom, who is catholic.  I guess her husbands mom is putting a lot of pressure on her husband because he is catholic as well, but he isn't active.  But he doesn't want to get disowned from his parents because of the decision his wife, Shiyal, is making. Its really sad, but I think she will be baptized. Her husband really didn't want to take the lesson's at all and always avoided my companion and the one before me, but the other day, we had dinner with them and read from the Book of Mormon.  It was amazing, her husband( his name is Koresi) sat with us and I had asked him if he wanted to read a verse for us from Ether chapter 2 and he did.  We just went around the room reading chapter 2 and 3. It was great! But one of our investigators before I came here, was an MJ(Micheal Jordan)-Investigator with a baptismal date.  And I guess someone talked to her and the next lesson, she said she had already been baptized and that she will be busy. So my companion didn't see her for a month or so and she went down to a Shaq (Investigator that isn't progressing) But she went up to a LeBron(Progressing investigator) recently and after last week, she became an MJ again. Its amazing! Her name is Vasiti. We have another investigator that is doing really good as well, his name is Isimeli, we are going to extend a baptismal date next time we see him. Its really hard though, because he lives 40 minutes away in a small village and we have to take a bus every time. So we have a 10-15 minute walk to town then we wait for the bus to leave, then when we get there and finish our lessons, we have to wait for a bus to come down the road. Which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours. so it would be way nice if we had a truck, but that's okay.

Well that's about all that I have for today. Oh yeah, last night, we went to visit our 2nd counselor in our branch presidency, President Besetmuala who was supposed to be in a different town, well we originally went there to visit his less active sons(they are 17, 19, and 21 i think) but he came back last night. And we have to go down this way long gravel road on the bikes and it sucks a lot!  The gravel roads here are terrible, a lot of the rocks are pretty big and it sucks when you hit them on the bike. My butt hurts from the seat.  I'm praying that we will get a truck soon, that would be so helpful. But if not, that's okay.
Much love!
Love, Elder Beilman

*Oh! and tell Kara happy birthday for me!

 This is the bridge now. It was pretty sketchy when I was going over it.

 Eating after church with the members. 2 boys that are members.
 Some fijian food. 
A spider that i had to kill with a 2 liter fanta bottle. 
They have pineapple and raspberry fanta here! It's way good!