Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


March 30, 2014

Hey everyone!

Sorry this will be short!
We had a baptism on Saturday. I did the confirmation on Sunday. It was amazing. Our branch president showed up 20 minutes late, so it's amazing that we were able to have the confirmation.
I prayed way hard that he would show up so we could have church and a couple of minutes later he came.  It was awesome.

I gave another missionary, Elder Utai a blessing last night because he was way sick. He felt a lot better right after the blessing, but today he isn't feeling too well again. Hopefully he gets better.
We got 2 new bikes finally. But it doesn't help a whole lot because there is a bridge that is out that we have been able to walk/ride in a boat across so far, but there is no way we could get the bikes across.

I got an e-mail from somebody else with my same last name today!!! He spells it with 2 n's at the end though, that's how mine used to be spelled. Way cool! I'll send the email he sent me. Anyway, I love you guys!

Love, Elder Beilman

Oh, and I don't eat a whole lot of Fijian food, because they are super poor and don't have enough money to feed the missionaries, but I did have fish a couple of times. It's just in this area that I'm in that the people are really poor. My companion said its the poorest area he has had on his mission.
So the only thing you have to worry about with sending a package, is the postage. I don't have to pay to pick it up. Just probably don't send anything expensive. I talked to my companion and he said he hasn't had to pay anything to pick up his packages up.

*Below is the letter Clayton received from a guy at Dixie univ. with his same last name:
 I saw your picture on the wall of the institute in St George and I just had to write you.
I had always thought that the only Beilman(n)s that were members of the church were my immediate family since it isn't a very common name and my dad was a convert to the church and none of his siblings are members. I am interested in hearing about when your family joined the church. I am also into genealogy so it would be great if I could get some of that information too. Even though the spelling is a little different we could still be related.
   It is also cool your in Fiji. I was there about 2 years ago. If you happen to end up in the ward in Nadi tell everyone hi for me. They may remember my mom Donna better since she has been there three times and I have only been there once. Too bad you can't go swimming, the waters great all year around. I suppose that is why I got sent to Peoria Illinois for my mission. I probably wouldn't have made it 2 years without swimming (no one wants to swim in the Mississippi river). At least I didn't have to drink kava for two years, it is gross. If you haven't had the pineapples yet go get some, they are the best I have ever had. Go get some strawberry Oreos, too. It is too bad we can't get either in the USA.
   Well I don't want to take up too much of you preperation day so I'll stop here. Don't let the fijian's relaxed attitude and "Fiji time" get in the way of the work. That is especially true for the bishop you mentioned. He should know better.

Don't get eaten,
Eric Beilmann