Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


June 1, 2014

Hey everyone!

This week was really good, had a lot of lessons. That's the only bad
thing here in my area, its really spread out and we usually have to
walk pretty far to get to our lessons. Sometimes we are pretty late to
the lessons because of that. Hopefully we can get a truck or something
soon. The bikes don't do much because most of the roads are "gravel"
but really its a dirt road with boulders. Well not that bad, but the
rocks are baseball sized in a lot of areas. Its hard to walk on, too
actually haha. Thanks for the Ecco's. These sandals are awesome. They
will last a long time here. My companion went threw like 6 pairs of
sandals that he bought here in Fiji. But they are all leather, or fake
leather not really sure, and they don't last long. So I'm really
grateful that I have these sandals. I have a tan line on my feet(from
the little holes on the sides) that looks pretty funny when I take my
sandals off. That's probably the only down side haha. I also have a
sweet tan line from my watch, I guess it's bound to happen here in
Fiji though, can't really help that.
Yesterday was really good. We had some good food. At the unit we cover
in Nakorkula, we had Roro and Dalo/Kassava(which was alright, I can
eat it) but Sunday night, we had Fish and Chicken and Dalo. The
chicken was so good! Best chicken I've had since I've been here. They
don't take out the bones in the chicken for the curry, so it sucks if
you ever want to get chicken curry at a restaurant, but this chicken
was boiled, I think, and it was the chicken breast so it was really
good. The fish was good too. We had a lot to eat. That's the good
thing here if you can get used to the food, the Fijians will keep
feeding you until you can't eat anymore haha. Well, I hope all is
well! Thanks for the email and the support!
Love you guys!
Elder Beilman

Here is a picture of roro(in the bowl) and dalo on the plate: