Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


June 8, 2014

Hey everyone,

That's good that you're having a good time in Kauai.
Fiji is a little different, well at least in the West. It doesn't rain everyday.
I heard that Suva gets rain more often than it does here. But that's okay.
We had a really good week. Had some awesome lessons with 4 new
investigators. One of them came to church yesterday and we only sat
down with him once. He was a referral from one of our members. We are
going to try to have a baptism for him on the 28th of June. Our
mission goal for this quarter is 220 baptisms. I guess we are pretty
behind as of right now, but hopefully my companion and I can help with
2 more baptisms. We were going for 5 baptisms each in our district,
but we only had 2 investigators come to church this week and the
quarter ends this month. So hopefully they will be able to enter the
waters of baptism this month. But its not our timing, but Heavenly
Father's. We just have to find and teach the ones who are prepared. We
are going to Nadi tomorrow for our Zone Conference, which is good, but
it puts us out of our area for 3 days, which kind of sucks because we
want to see our investigators sooner. We came to Ba yesterday after
church and going to Lautoka for Zone Pday and going to Nadi tomorrow.
Crazy week.
I can't believe how fast its going by. It has already been 4 months
since I've been on my mission. 2 more months and I will be 1/4 of my
way through. I knew it would go by fast, so I'm trying to make
everyday worth it and work as hard as possible. But that just makes it
go faster. So I don't know what to do there. Well I hope all is well!
Take care!
Love you all!
Elder Beilman

Here is a picture of our branch!