Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


July 13, 2014

Hey everyone!
Tucker is looking like he is doing well! That's really good.
One of our members just had a baby yesterday. The Father Bro. Sevai(our branch clerk) had asked us to come to the hospital to give the baby a blessing, so we went as soon as we could after we got done with church to see her. Unfortunately Bro. Sevai has been working on Sunday's because he works at the Sugar Mill and right now they are cutting all the cane(which there is a ton of it everywhere) so they have them work on Sunday. But normally nobody works on Sunday here in Rakiraki. He was able to get off work when his wife went into labor, but he had to go back soon after. He is way nice though, Bro Sevai is the man.

It's pretty hard to think that I've been out for 5 months. In 3 weeks, I will be 1/4 of the way done with my mission. I didn't think it would go by this fast.  It's kind of sad to see how fast its going by, but that just tells me that I'm enjoying my time out here serving our Heavenly Father.
I can't believe that Jessica has been out for almost a year! It seems like yesterday I was with all of you dropping her off at the MTC.

Love you guys!
Love, Elder Beilman