Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


July 20, 2014

Hey everyone!
This week was really good. We have this investigator named Wise, but he lives kind of far from the closest church and he is 78 so he can't walk really well. So we talked to him about getting on the bus, but the busses on Sunday aren't really reliable so they don't stop in thevillage he lives at.  And it costs too much for him to hire a taxi or a carrier(truck that you ride in the back of, the bed) but he really wants to be baptized. He is awesome, I'm really praying for something to work out that enables him to make it to church!
My Fijian is improving! Which is really good, at first, I didnt really focus on learning it because most of the people here know english, but I've been really trying to learn it lately. Just trying to talk to our
investigators has really been helping. My Companion said I've been doing a lot better with it since he first came here.
Transfers are on Saturday. I might be going this time. I've been told that you typically don't stay with your second companion very long.  But I'd be happy if I stayed here. I love it here in Rakiraki. 
I've been really trying to encourage our Second Counselors son, Xavier, to go on a mission. He is 17 and he was less active before I came here. He just received the Aaronic Priesthood 2 weeks ago and he has been able to pass the sacrament and bless it. So that is really good. I'm really happy that he wants to serve a mission. I told him if he does serve and serves in the U.S. I would try to visit him when I get back, haha.

I love it out here. Well I have to go now, I'm out of time.
Love you guys!
Love, Clayton

P.S. Thanks for the crepes recipe, I'll try to make some soon.