Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


July 6, 2014

Hey everyone!
That's really good that Tucker is doing well. Sounds like you have been pretty busy, as always haha.

Everything here is going really well. We got our new Mission President, President Layton, he is awesome. We got to meet him on Tuesday and he said he wants to come out to teach with us some time, if he can. I was really excited to hear that, I think it would be way cool to have your mission President come to some teaching appointments with you, even if they don't know the language really well. He will soon though, he had taken language lessons at the MTC with one of my teachers that I had. 

We had a baptism yesterday! We baptized him in a cold river! But I didn't really feel the cold once we were about to perform the baptism. His name is Buka, and he really wants his family to be baptized too! His wife isn't really interested in baptism right now, but she said she supports him. They have 3 kids that are all under 8, the oldest is 7 I think, but I'm really praying that the Branch can hold on to him and support him as much as possible that way he stays active and his children can grow up in the church and be baptized as well.

Many of the converts that are here in this area have fallen away, so we try to hold on to them for a while after they are baptized to keep them strong. But the Stake is really helping the branch so hopefully everything starts falling into place.

I'm so grateful for this experience as a missionary, my testimony has grown so much since I've been on my mission, and I want to challenge you guys to increase your testimony of Joseph Smith. I want you to read the Testimony of the Three Witnesses as well as the Eight Witnesses and D&C 135. And if you really want to, read Elder Jeffrey R. Hollands talk called "Safety for the Soul".  When I read that talk, it just blows me away. Its really powerful.

But I hope all is going well!
Thank you for the prayers and support!
Love you guys,
Love Elder Beilman

Buka's baptism:
 Here is one of the older style Fijian houses: