Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


August 17, 2014

Hey everyone!
I love getting your emails, they always make me laugh. You guys have a roller coaster of a life it seems like haha, but that's okay makes it interesting. You could probably sell him Daagels motorcycle to him too, if he wants it.  He could probably sit on it though, just do a couple of repairs.
Oh no, school starts soon! Enjoy it, because it goes by quick! Especially Curt, this year will fly by.
You'll probably be starting your mission in less than a year too.

But everything here is great. Zone Conference was really good, we talked about a new focus on missionary work, less actives. I heard it's worldwide so now we won't just be focusing on baptizing, but going to teach the less actives the lessons and prepare them for the temple, and receive the priesthood if they need to. I'm really excited about that, we've already started it here in Fiji and I've heard a couple of stories about how when they get the CMIS list they have the most referrals they have ever gotten. We are going to get ours soon. The printer at the branch doesn't work so we have to get ours from the stake. And our branch president said he will go with us on Saturday to go visit some less actives! I'm way excited about that because I feel like the members don't visit each other, but we don't have home or visiting teaching either so it kind of makes sense. And I think the less actives need to feel the love of the members and not only the missionaries.  Because every time we go there they really appreciate it, but I feel like they don't feel loved by anybody at church so
they don't want to go.

There is a couple named Sulu and Miti which were baptized in 2006 I think, but they are going to another church now. We sat down with them once and they seemed a little excited to see us and
showed us the pictures of the missionaries that baptized them. They just didn't seem too excited to come back which is really sad. Hopefully we go there with our Branch President on Saturday and they will be able to feel the Spirit again.
Oh! and we met a former investigator named Marika, he was on date to be baptized last year around this time but something happened and he didn't get baptized, and I guess he was gone for the longest time, but we saw him on Saturday and we are going to start reteaching him. I was really excited about that because I saw his teaching record and I really wanted to meet him, and I finally got to meet him! I've been praying that we will be able to have those who are ready to receive the gospel in our paths and I'm sure that Heavenly Father put him in our path. As well as another former investigator that I taught when I first came here. He was gone for a long time too and he told one of
our members that he wanted us to come over. I'm pretty excited to see how it goes with those two.
Hope you all have a good week!

Loloma levu!
Elder Beilman

These are some pictures from our 2nd counselor that he emailed me.