Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


July 27, 2014

Dear Family,

Alli, I want to hear a 5k under 20 minutes.... that would be really
good! I know when I ran cross country, I tried to get under 19 minutes
every race and to be faster and faster each race. Its kind of hard
sometimes, I'll admit, but it's way cool when you get a personal

Jane, I want to hear about you spiking the ball by the end of the
season. You should be tall enough be then anyway haha.

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well! This week was good. I'm
staying in Rakiraki! We went to see one of our investigators Wise and
his Granddaughter Karaline, and we gave them a baptismal date of
September 6th. They accepted! I was really happy about that. The only
thing that they really need to do is come to church. That, I think,
will be the hardest thing because they live far from our unit and the
bus won't pick them up on Sunday in the Village they live in. So we
are really trying to figure something out with our members to see if
there is anything they can do to help them.
Our second counselor's son Xavier(I think I've told you about him
before) wants to go on a mission. So I've been really trying to
encourage him. His dad is a convert and became the Branch President
then was released and is now the Second Counselor. But both of his
older brothers are inactive and he doesn't really have a good example
to look up to except his dad and us. I've been telling him how much my
mission has blessed my already, and I've only been out for almost 6
months. He feels that he doesn't know enough scriptures or anything,
but I told him to just focus on his testimony right now. I love that
family, they are awesome!
Sorry this is kind of short! I don't have much time left.
But take care everyone!
Love you guys!
Love, Elder Beilman

This is an ibe. we sit on them when we visit people.  I had asked one
of our investigators to make me one.  The FS is supposed to be FSM(Fiji
Suva Mission) but she forgot the M. Oh well. I still love it.