Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


November 9, 2014

Hey Everyone!

The new area is great! I don't know if they are doing this everywhere, but we have been focusing on Less Active work just as much as we are baptisms. there are a lot of less actives here in the area, so we visit a lot of them!  Anyway, we had about 16 or so less active members come to church this week! It was amazing! When my companion and I walked into the chapel, we had to try to find a find a seat, because it was almost completely full! The chapel isn't by any means the size of a chapel in Utah, but its not small either. We have a lot of work right now, which is really good. Its not very fun OYM'ing or tracting. I don't think I've done much tracting at all. So its just really nice to be able to have people to work with whether they be inactive members or investigators. I love going out and teaching. when I'm busy time just flies by, but when I was in my last area, it was kind of harder because we didn't have as much lessons as I had in Rakiraki or in my new area.
Before I was baptized, I never read anything from the Bible. And even after my baptism, I read pretty much only from the Book of Mormon and D&C. But I was able to continue reading the New Testament after we did the Gospel read starting in August? Well anyway, I was able to finish the New Testament the other day, and I loved the it! Hopefully I'll read it again before I finish my mission in 2016. But, to the point, I still haven't been able to finish/read much from the Old Testament. But we have this book that has stories from the Old Testament in it. And I read about Job and how he lost everything, but still worshipped and thanked God for everything he has been given. some things that have been happening back home just made me think about how God tests our faith sometimes, and if we put our trust in him, we will be given so much. Maybe not immediately or even in this earthly life, but for sure in the Celestial Kingdom, because he promises us everything he has. We just have to trust him and do what he asks. Just something I've been thinking about a lot lately.

Thanks for everything!
Loloma Levu!
Elder Beilman

*Oh, and I'm pretty sure they don't celebrate thanksgiving here.. I haven't heard anything about it anyway.
And I'm learning how to play the piano! My companion is teaching me! I'm pretty excited about it.
If you send me another package, could you send a CD with the Piano Guys?  I want some of their songs. Mainly the Waterfall one, and the other cool piano one.
Vinaka! (Thanks!)