Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


February 14, 2014

Hey everyone!

Yes, I actually saw Daagel on Wednesday when you dropped me off! But I see him at breakfast, lunch and dinner a lot too. So that's good. We took a picture together next to the map so I'll try to figure out how to send it. Not quite sure how to do that yet, another Elder said you have to have a special cord or something... but I went to the book store last week to get it and she said that the one I have should work.. I don't know. I guess we will see.

The MTC is great, Curt- they have so much food, you will never go hungry.  Except maybe after dinner, I get hungry like an hour before bed, so I go to the vending machines and grab some things.
We play basketball just about everyday haha. But my knee is kind of hurting from when we went snowboarding and I fell and when I run on it, it kind of flares up. So I'm trying to stay off of it. Alli- Fiji is the best! The language is kind of weird, but its kind of easy to learn.  I don't know how to explain it.  It's a lot of fun. My teachers are awesome! And I cannot wait to go to Fiji! Jane- Yeah, the MTC is awesome! Guess what.. They have steak.. I've had it twice already haha.  It's actually pretty good too.

That's great about Taylor and Kara's baby! Like 21 weeks left? I didn't get a chance to head over to the front of the MTC on Saturday to see if I could see you helping move Taylor and Kara. We are really busy. The first class I had, our teacher talked only in Fijian!  It was crazy!  But we are getting to the point where we can understand some of what they say so that's good.  I can now bear my testimony, pray and a couple of other things in Fijian! It is awesome!  I love it.  One of our teachers had made a challenge for us to bear our testimony in Fijian 15 times before Saturday afternoon (and that was yesterday), but I told him to make it 20 haha.  I'm at 8 right now, so I better step on it.

That's good that the wall is getting fixed. Is Curt the Slave of Sabi again? (Or however you say it.) That's good that the cow was good, I wish I could try it, oh well, you'll probably have some left when I get back right? Well its nice to hear from you!  Thanks for everything.  I'll look for the package!

Loloma iko!(love you!)
Love, Elder Beilman

Below are pictures of me and my companion, one of Daagel and I, one of me at the temple and I the other one is my zone's badges at the temple last week.
There's also one of the first day the sun has been out since I have been here!