Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


February 7, 2014~1st Mission Letter..... Called to be District Leader

Hey Everybody!

The MTC is SO great! I love it here.  My companion's name is Elder Childers, he is from Preston, Idaho which is where Napoleon Dynamite was filmed... isn't that weird?  It's kind of funny though, too.  He said the high school looks the same in the movie.

I think I might have lost my journal that had all the people who I was planning on e-mailing in it.  So hopefully I can find it.  My p-day's are on Friday, so we went to the temple this morning and that was really good.  It was a great way to start the day.

There are a lot of polynesians in my zone. There are 2 districts from the people in my zone that are going to Fiji. In one zone there are 4 elders and in the zone I'm in we have my companion, me and 3 sisters.
I was made District Leader yesterday which was pretty cool.  I guess they didn't really have a big group of missionaries to choose from though, but I'm happy i was called.
I don't think I'll need that blanket, Julie. Thank you though! I didn't really sleep on Wednesday night. I couldn't really get comfortable for some reason, or that I was just really excited to be here.

Sorry I didn't write much, I'm kind of in a hurry to email right now. I took a couple of pictures today, but I'll try to send them next week.

Love, Elder Beilman