Elder Beilman

Elder Beilman


Sept. 21, 2014

Hey Everyone!

This week was good! Well, we didn't get to proselyte as much as a
normal week because my companion had a training on Wednesday that was
about 3 hours and he was sick for a couple of days which really killed
our proselyting time. So we didn't get to teach a ton this week and
had some fall through. And we had to go to a baptism that the sisters
had in our area. So we didn't get to teach much.. But we had gotten a
referral from one of the Return Missionaries in our ward and we went
to the house with the RM on Sunday night. Turns out one of them, Adi,
is a less active member and her 2 brothers are interested in taking
the lessons! Way cool! It truly was a blessing for us because we don't
have much investigators right now. There are a lot of Less Actives in
the ward that we are trying to get back to church and through them, we
are finding investigators. So hopefully as we work with less active,
we can continue to find more and more investigators.

Oh yeah, something weird happened the other day. So when people speak
Fijian, there isn't an accent like in Spanish or French. So the other
day my companion and I were doing studies or eating lunch or something
and we get a call from a number we didn't have in the phone and they
asked for me(which I thought was weird because I had only been in the
area for a week). So they started to talk to me in Fijian and then he
tells me he is from the Richfield stake! His name is Chase Nay. He
served here in Fiji a while ago and he was taking his wife to his
area's on Vanua Levu. He wanted to take my companion and I to lunch,
but he wasn't able to get our phone number for a while and his plane
to Vanua Levu was leaving soon. That was kind of cool though.
Sorry I can't send any pictures this week! The computers haven't been
reading my SD Card for some reason? So I've been unable to get the
pictures on to the email. I hope everyone has a good week!
Loloma Levu!
Love, Elder Beilman